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Pipe robot

Our pipe robots are ready for challenging tasks, and if something special is needed – we design it!

In 2017 we participated in an offshore project in the North Sea, where our delivery was one of our pipe robots. The operation was surface treatment of 40 conductors above and below spider deck of the platform. A complex operation in harsh environment, an operation that normally had been done with rope access requiring months of god weather conditions for working. The robot managed complete scope in 5 weeks, resulting in over 2.000m2 surface treated with ultra-high pressure and no downtime.

We can deliver all types of pipe robots for any environment for internal or external pipe maneoeuvring – also subsea or Ex Zone 01 for a wide range of applications like NDT inspection, surface treatment, light construction, etc.





Benefits of using robot:

  • Increase the effectiveness of pre-treatment.
  • Ensure good quality of pre-treatment.
  • Improve HSE during UHP operation (2,500bar).


  • Nonmagnetic, friction-based traction.
  • «4-point Subsea clamp» inspired mechanism and structure.
  • Spring loaded clamping.
  • Electric servo motor drive.
  • All wheel drive (16 off) for maximum friction.
  • Adjustable wheel distance to adopt a range of pipe diameters.
  • Lightweight aluminum structure.


  • Half-moon design with one fixed and one moving half-moon.
  • +/1 180deg sweeping for 360deg coverage.
  • Electric servo motor drive.
  • Adjustable nozzle distance to adopt a range of pipe diameters.
  • Lightweight aluminum structure.


  • Each wheel frame has a motor of 0,72kW / 4000rpm with closed loop vector control.
  • Remote IO central on robot for tooling, connected over ethernet to topside control. Communication for NDT tools etc. available on tool.
  • Connectors on umbilical for quick disconnection.
  • Camera on robot with monitor on top side unit.
  • Siemens PLS controller for position and robot.
  • Parker Compax servos.
  • Fail-safe on motor brakes.

All modules on robot and topside approved ATEX Zone 02.

Technical requirements:

  • Possible to install under platform deck with rope access.
  • Remote control and monitoring.
  • Automatic sequence.
  • Handle various diameters (pipe dimensions and pipe flanges).
  • Handle high temperatures from pipes.
  • Handle harsh environment.
  • ATEX Zone 02
  • NORSOK Z-015
  • DNV 2.7-1
  • Theoretical cleaning speed 30m2 /hour equals to 8m /hour.