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The powerful network that is BR Industrier

The group is dedicated to deliver high quality products and services to the international oil and gas industry.


Norwegian Oilfield Supply AS specialize in service and maintenance of drilling/hoisting equipment of all types.
We are also an authorized service and repair shop for Blohm+Voss Repair GmbH. Among our workshop equipment is a 750-ton test unit for re-certification of elevators and other equipment. Our workshop is 600 sqm with 10-ton overhead crane capacity. Equipped with pressure test bunker and hydraulic.


Norwegian Hose Supply is a specialist in development and delivery of high quality hoses and couplings for offshore, marine and land based industry. We offer a complete range of hoses and couplings backed with knowledge and facilities for hose service management, pressure testing and a 24hr mobile response unit.


Kjemi AS supplying raw materials at competitive prices for the oil industry and other industries, including Monoetylengylkol (MEG), Hydrochloric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Deionized water (battery water), Caustic Soda, Triethylene glycol (TEG), White Spirits. The different industries have different needs and we " tailor " the products giving  the customer  maximum performance. We have license production of the Pureclean products for Europe.  Pureclean Power  and Gold are approved for use in the North Sea , efficient, environmentally friendly detergents that do not harm life at sea or on land  lines worldwide to the oil and gas industry.


Hitec Products is a world class technology supplier of advanced control systems and chemical injection systems. Their main business areas are Electro-Hydraulic control systems and Chemical Injection to the Oil & Gas Industry. They are organised in four divisions; TOPSIDE SYSTEMS, SUBSEA SYSTEMS, OILFIELD SYSTEMS and CUSTOMER SUPPORT.



Flowtec offers high end products to the energy market. They represent international leading manufacturers in the areas of fittings, tubing, instrumentation, valves and filtration technology. Flowtec supplies a complete liquid-handling package. These packages include, instrument valves, filter systems, purifiers and control equipment.



AS Metallteknikk is a subsupplier of advanced sheet metal processing and welding of mainly stainless-steel materials. They also have a large machining department located at Forus in Sandnes. Their engineering department takes on internal and external engineering and strength calculation.



OneCo is an industrial group with its core activities focused on the oil and gas sector, infrastructure, industry, renewable energy and construction. One of their strengths is ensuring the delivery to our customers of system integrated solutions where they combine different technologies and components to create a final product fit for purpose.