• Successful test of Crawler02

Successful test of Crawler02

BRI NorHull, the R&D sister company of BRI Offshore, have recently finalized a successful test of the new Crawler02 ROV.
Tests with the new vehicle have been performed, in order to collect real data for marine growth and anti-fouling conditions.
The tests included parameters as speed, maneuverability, electronics and cleaning technology.

The results of the tests was very positive, showing that the new innovative vehicle has the capability to operate on a hull with great holding force, making it possible to carry heavy tools. The cleaning tool did also preform above expectations, and did display great results in removing the barnacles without any marks to the anti-fouling.

“It’s an extremely interesting vehicle, that will be a game changer in the challenging splash zone for any FPSO, FSU or platform operator. With over 3 tons of holding force, and capable to operate in 4.5m significant wave height, it will open up new possibilities to operate existing underwater tools, in addition to a range of new solutions that can be operated from the vehicle. We hope that we can extend the weather criteria for critical operations and that we can be challenged by the operators to solve hull structural problems, inspection and maintenance task on a new, more cost-effective way.” says Morten Urrang, founder and Managing Director of BRI NorHull.

The system is operated from the offshore unit and spread consist of a 14ft control container, a winch and the vehicle. Standard crew is three operators.  All items are built according to Atex Zone 2 and Norsok standards.

In addition to the magnetic holding force, the vehicle has on-board advanced hydraulics that can handle standard ROV tools, a fiber telemetry to operate inspection tools and streaming video, during inspection and operation. An ultrasonic probe can be used to measure hull thickness in connection with the special optical navigation system that gives the position of the vehicle.

The Crawler02 vehicle will perform its first commercial jobs this summer for international clients.