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BRI Offshore offical sponsor for RFC-2015

BRI Offshore is proud to present that we in 2015 are a official partner to RFC. Freeride competitions rank the athletes by judging line difficulty, flow, control, technique and aggression down a mountain face. There are no gates, and riders can go down the mountain anywhere they want. This way, the winners are determined by skill and competence, not luck and guts. Even if the equipment is different, and the view from the office is possible something better for the athletes, the challenges faced by the athletes of freeriding are highly comparable to the challenges faced by our engineering department every single day. With difficult challenges and specific requirements, our engineers finds effective and innovative ways to solve the challenge for our clients, determined by skill and competence.
If you would like to know more about our capabilities within engineering, feel free to contact us here on the website, or in person during the freeride weekend in Røldal. You will see our banners and flags all over Roldal!