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About Us

BRI NorHull is an independent Norwegian company with its headquarters in Stavanger, Norway and was established as a new segment of BRI Industrier AS in early 2014.
Founder and owner of BRI Industrier AS, Bjørn Rygg,  came up with the concept that included setting up a team of motivated people whom would be creative in developing innovative solutions within the offshore and subsea segment.

The company is a result of the merging  of Flint Subsea Ltd, NorHull AS and the subsea segment of Norwegian Hose Supply.

Our success is based upon our core values; being committed, flexible, resilient and quality oriented.

BRI NorHull's main business areas are intervention systems and our splash zone concept.  The company is organised in four divisions;


We are a project oriented organisation with an extensive track record.  Both our management team and employees have a culture of succeeding and exceeding our clients expectations. At BRI NorHull we have a strong and honest working culture that we are proud of.

BRI NorHull is part of BR Industrier.



A unique team with unique ideas!